Better Posture. Better Health.

Our bodies were not designed for our modern lifestyle.

Our physical evolution did not prepare us for long periods of sitting in unnatural positions.  Most people do not maintain proper posture while using a computer, driving, watching television or during other daily activities.

To offset our modern lifestyle, we need to actively care for our postural muscles.  The PostureMedic was created for this purpose.  We cannot only rely on being conscious of our poor posture.  Simply remembering periodically to sit up straight will not create lasting effects.  When you stretch, strengthen and stabilize with the PostureMedic, the short and long term health benefits will become immediately apparent.

Poor posture arises for two main reasons:

Tonic Muscles – Your tonic muscles are responsible for holding your posture.  They can constrict and tighten reducing your range of motion and ability to maintain correct posture.

Phasic Muscles – Your phasic muscles are used for dynamic movement.  They can weaken and lengthen making you more prone to slouching.

Correcting your posture can dramatically effect your overall health and well being.

Incorrect Posture causes more than just neck and back pain.

Correcting your posture can:

  • Increase blood flow to and from the heart
  • Reduce blood pressure and increase circulation
  • Improve breathing and diaphragm function
  • Open throat and windpipe
  • Reduce stress on lower and upper back
  • Increase range of motion
  • Reduce the likelihood of spinal conditions like herniated discs
  • Reduce pressure to kidneys, stomach, colon & other organs
  • Improve cerebrospinal (brain stem) fluid flow
  • Reduce dizziness, headaches and “pins & needles”
  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other joint damage
  • Improve nerve signals from the spine
  • Promote proper growth development in children
  • Reduce fatigue and positively impact sleep

If you or someone you know suffers from poor posture call or stop by our office to see if a PostureMedic would benefit you.  (517) 278-2519

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