Supplement and Essential Oil of the Week 5-11-16

Every week we are featuring a supplement and an essential oil. When those items are featured they will be 10% off. This weeks sale runs Wednesday 5-11 thru Wednesday 5-18

Supplement of the week: Pro-Enz

120 count Regular Price $60.36  Now $54.33

60 count Regular Price $33.22  Now $29.90

Formulated for extended nutritional support of inflammation management. The combination of bromelain (plant based proteolytic enzymes) and other key ingredients make it ideal for long term maintenance. Pro-Enz is recommended for follow up after the acute phase of injury is addressed, as support for patients with physically demanding lifestyles (heavy labor, athletes) as well as those subject to pro-inflammatory lifestyle factors (poor diet, stress, etc.)

Contains botanicals ginger, turmeric, boswelia and rosemary shown to be mild inhibitors of COX, Nf-kb and leukotriene synthesis.  Also contains the lower dose level of the proteolytic enzyme bromelain.  Long term use is helpful for those suffering with chronic pain and inflammation.

Oil of the Week: Cinnamon Bark

Regular Price $31.58 Now $28.43

Cinnamon Bark has a hot and spicy fragrance that is said to unlock feelings of abundance. Many use it aromatically for its warm, inviting tones.

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